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Seventeen year old Alida was born to an angel mother and vampire father. When her mother suddenly disappears in white flames, Alida is left without access to the special potion that quells her bloodlust. While searching for her father, who might know how to find her mother and the potion, Alida meets Pup, a white witch and his Goth sister, Sara, and Evan, a boy who makes her feel like a normal girl—for a while. But the vampire inside her wants blood, and soon the human relationships she cherishes become impossible to keep. The scent of war is in the air, and when Alida uncovers a family secret, she must decide if blood is worth the price of her friends, her lover and her soul.

Close To Dark is the first book in Jan M. Alexander’s exciting new vampire series. If you like magical adventure, engaging urban fantasy, whimsical witches, angelic detectives and dark supernatural forces, then you’ll love this new tale about addiction, loss and the healing powers of friendship and love.

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