My first novel Close To Dark is available on Amazon!

When your past is kept secret, who can you trust?

Alida is annoyed by her mother’s overprotection, until her mother disappears in a column of white flame. Now Alida must face her divided lineage—her angel light and vampire dark—and find the secret potion that will quell her bloodlust before she consumes Teddy, family friend and father figure.

When Alida meets a witch named Pup and his sister, Sara, she discovers she’s the key player in an imminent war between The Tenebre Vampires, one of the oldest and most powerful clans in history, Angels, and the fate of humankind. Unintentionally, she involves Evan, a boy who makes her feel like a normal girl. Mostly. Struggling with her desire for blood, family and love, Alida must decide whose side she’ll take when the war begins. She must find out what happened to her mother and her father. Her friends’ lives, and her own, depend on it.